Friday, 25 December 2009


My Christmas present. Absolutely bangin youth! ya done know etc

I did this a while ago, i dont know why i wrote 'fucked in the head' on the gent with receders grill, maybe he just looked like a wrongun.

In other news i am in the process of learning to talk like a west indian yardie, im gunning to be the only white west indian o.g. jesmond yardie in the whole of newcastle.

Im listening to a lot of dubstep to prepare myself.

Ive realised dubstep is like some sort of rubbish urban radiography to remove the cancer of liking good music from my sensiblilities and replacing this part of my brain with a voice that tells me that i should act like a complete fucking doylem from 'life and lyrics' or whatever, even though i was raised in a northern city known for its bread cakes and fishquay fesitivals.

this will fully prepare myself from listening to nothing but elephantman outside le beado on Acorn Rd.

"Fair point youth, fair point, straight up gully yah?"

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


In other news i got my dad some socks for christmas and have a bit of a rash on my arms
merry eczmas! HOHOHOSNAP!(sound of bucket being kicked away and neck being rendered from spine)